Every bidder wins!

How it works:
  1. Seller puts a product on sale (anything that can be downloaded: Audio, Video, Text, Software, Know-how, Books, etc.).
  2. Administrator reviews the product and approves it.
  3. Buyers place bids setting the amount of money they would pay individually and number of days the bid is valid.
  4. Seller monitors the accumulating sum and when it is big enough releases the product. Every buyer is charged for the amount of money he/she stated and gets the product.
  5. Seller gets all the money.

  • You can define the price you are paying.
  • You will be the first to get the product.
  • We will encourage sellers to actually sell products, not lease them as software is leased now. If you make a purchase, you can do whatever you want with the product (share with friends for example).
Check what is available for you here: Products.

  • There is no need for copy protection. The situation when somebody buys your work and all the others get it for free by copying is gone.
  • Buyers are encouraged to attract more buyers to get what they want sooner.
  • Everybody pays the amount they think the item(s) are worth and you still decide if the prise is acceptable (Natural market segmentation).
Start selling your stuff: Add product